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Business License Fees

Please review the license types and associated fees listed below to ensure that you are applying for the appropriate license for the type of business you wish to conduct. Once you have reviewed the criteria below, please click the link at the bottom of this page to review the requirements that must be included with the business license application.\r\n\r\n***If you intend on conducting business in multiple jurisdictions within Washoe County, please visit our Multi-Jurisdictional Business License process page to determine if you qualify for Multi-Jurisdictional Licensing***\r\n\r\nSpecialized Business License Fees  – The City of Sparks classifies the following business types as specialized business licenses.  Autopawn, Avocational Permits, Bulk Storage, Haul for Hire, Incidental Branch Establishments, Manufacturing, Pawnbrokers, Public Transportation, Solid Waste/Trash Hauling, Telecommunications and Warehousing.  Please visit the Specialized Business License Fees page for a break down of fees associated with each business type.\r\n\r\nHome Based Business License Fees – All home-based businesses located within the city limits of Sparks are required to have a Home Occupation Permit issued by the Planning Department in addition to a General Business License.  There is a fee of $100 for the Home Occupation Permit.\r\n\r\nGeneral Business License Fees – If you are conducting business  at a commercial location within the Sparks City limits and/or you have a physical presence (i.e. solicit, market, sell, deliver, etc)  in the City, you will be required to obtain a general business license. Please visit the General Business License Fees page for a break down of fees associated with this business type.\r\n\r\nPlease Note – Some business types will require additional screening prior to the business license being issued.  If you plan to conduct any of the following business types, you must also contact the Sparks Police Department at 775.353-2243 to obtain the forms required for your business type.\r\n\r\nResidential House Cleaning, Mobile Food Vendors, Pawn, Precious Metals Dealer, Alcohol and Gaming.\r\n\r\nAfter determining your business type and the fees associated with your business, please download the business license application to continue the process.